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Why Does VR-Porn Cost So Much?

VR porn isn’t a thing of the future. It’s here now, and easier to find and access than you may have thought. To make a viewer feel the new experience from watching the video in virtual reality, porn studios must film videos in special conditions and use special technologies. A person has binocular vision, which means that the natural 3D effect that we see in everyday life can only be achieved using a technique that simulates human vision. Such a process of shooting requires high skill from both the director and to a greater extent from the actors. read more

Causes of Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction is the condition when the person takes part of otherwise engages in sexual activity in a compulsive manner, without regarding whether this particular activity will be proper or safe. Such people also often disregard their health issues in case those prevent them from being engaged in sexual activities, which results in certain health outcomes.

In addition, such activities often lead to negative consequences, from health issues including infections to mental issues like depression, and can negatively impact the life of the person overall. Sometimes, people lose their jobs or families because of their addiction that remains unaddressed.
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