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Causes of Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction is the condition when the person takes part of otherwise engages in sexual activity in a compulsive manner, without regarding whether this particular activity will be proper or safe. Such people also often disregard their health issues in case those prevent them from being engaged in sexual activities, which results in certain health outcomes.

In addition, such activities often lead to negative consequences, from health issues including infections to mental issues like depression, and can negatively impact the life of the person overall. Sometimes, people lose their jobs or families because of their addiction that remains unaddressed.

The Main Causes

There are multiple variations of potential causes to sex addiction. Psychologists believe that in most cases, people act like that because of emotional traumas or other events that eventually lowered their self-esteem and now force those people to rush into sexual relationships with others to constantly prove their attractiveness and ability to interact sexually.

Common people often cannot recognize sexual addiction at all and often call it normal sexual behavior, typical or inborn to a person. In many cases, males are even praised for their enormous sexual activity, while females are shamed, and yet very few of such people get to see a doctor in time, despite the fact that they all actually need treatment.

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The real and the main cause of sexual addiction is a condition of the brain. It is this condition that makes people rush into sex activities every time they have even a shade of such opportunity. There are three reasons for such a brain condition:

  • Natural chemicals of the brain are out of balance. There are a lot of chemicals and hormones produced by the brain that regulate humans’ mood and the state of excitement or affection. Sometimes, there are too much of such chemicals and the person, therefore, is in a constant state of sexual excitement which results in random activities. In other cases, the levels of such hormones drop abruptly, and the person seeks ways to increase the levels of them again, often via sex.
  • Brain pathways lose their sensitivity to stimulation due to being overstimulated. If the person is sexually active in general, with time, the pathways between neurons lose their sensitivity and, to get the same level of satisfaction as before, the person has to apply even more stimulation. This results in an increased number of sexual activities.
  • Diseases and traumas that affect the brain and lead to one or both of previous conditions.

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