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What Ia A Virtual Reality Helmet?

What is a Virtual Reality Helmet? The first virtual reality helmets appeared in the nineties in the United States of America. Much time has passed since then, and progress has made great strides. Now virtual reality has reached a high level and at the same time is at the very beginning of the development path. Therefore, every day there are all new models of VR glasses, which amaze customers with their capabilities.

Each manufacturer tries to make your device unique. Therefore, helmets have certain differences and their own set of functions. But first things first. First, you need to understand what VR glasses are.

The principle of operation of the virtual reality helmet

Many are interested in the question of how VR glasses work. The principle of operation of any device BP is the same. The helmet is worn on the head and secured with special straps. In this case, the glasses should fit snugly against the face so that extraneous factors do not distract the user’s attention. Photos, videos or games are displayed on the built-in screen, while the image is divided into two parts to create the effect of three-dimensional space. In modern models, the display resolution is quite high, so the picture is as realistic as possible.

In addition to the high-quality display, virtual reality glasses are supplied with an audio headset with a 3d effect. This allows you to completely distract from the real world and immerse yourself in a fantastic environment. Thus, a virtual reality helmet deceives the ear and sight of a person, completely isolating it from the real situation.

Thanks to numerous sensors, the review in the virtual space is due to the habitual movements of the head. You can in the smallest details consider the environment and look into every corner of the virtual world.

Depending on the specific model of the helmet, it is connected to a personal computer or game console. The process of connecting and configuring VR glasses itself is quite simple and does not cause difficulties. But it is worth remembering that in order to work correctly, in most cases a powerful computer is required. Especially high requirements for the video card.

To achieve the best effect, some settings are provided in the helmets. For example, you can adjust the distance to the eyes, sound volume and other parameters. Some models are even equipped with a special technology that allows virtual reality glasses to be used by people from minus five to plus five.

The virtual reality helmet consists of the following main parts:

1.    The body and its components;

2.    Lenses;

3.    Various sensors that track the position of the head in space (gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, infrared sensors);

4.    A microcircuit in which all computational processes take place;

5.       virtual reality helmet design.

Depending on the company and device model, this list may be expanded.

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